Plant extracts are promising in the field of food preservatives


Under the guidance of the concept of healthy eating, natural preservatives began to gradually replace artificial preservatives, such as the microbial source of Streptococcus lactate, red Quimiso, animal source lysozyme, chitosan, fish protein, propolis, plant source of tea polyphenols, garlic extract. Many plant components have the characteristics of sterilization and insecticidal, and the human body has a certain health care function, so plant extracts in the field of food preservatives will play an increasing role.
The following plant extracts are natural preservatives that are currently used more in the food field.
Green Tea extract: pastry natural preservatives Tea polyphenols are active ingredients extracted from green tea leaves, in addition to antioxidant, scavenging free radicals and other health effects, or a antiseptic and detoxification preservative.
It can kill Botox and spores, inhibit the activity of bacterial endotoxin, and has obvious inhibitory effect on Staphylococcus aureus and variant bacillus. Tea polyphenols, as antioxidants and preservatives, have been widely used in the food industry. China’s food additive use standards stipulate that tea polyphenols can be used in oils, mooncakes, ham and other foods. Tea polyphenols added to meat products, can make the surface of meat products and tea polyphenols to form a layer of impermeable hard film, to inhibit the surface of meat products oxidation and acid growth and prevent spoilage of corruption effect.
In addition, tea polyphenols have the function of inhibiting the oxidation and acidity of oil, and are used in the field of edible animal and vegetable oils, fried foods and fresh aquatic products.
Pastry is the most suitable food to add tea polyphenols, not only to solve the anti-corrosion of mooncakes, cakes and other baked goods, but also through tea polyphenols blended green tea matcha flavor itself is a kind of increase food flavor taste and popular flavor.
Cinnamon extract: Fruit natural preservative Cinnamon Extract cinnamon Aldehyde has a strong sterilization, anti-corrosion, anti-tumor effect.
The anti-fungal effects of cinnamaldehyde on 22 conditional pathogenic fungi were studied by foreign researchers, and the results showed that Cinnamaldehyde had antibacterial effect on all the bacteria in the subjects.
Cinnamaldehyde can be used in food, vegetables, fruit preservation, anti-corrosion, used in fruit products, can improve the taste flavor, but also can replace sodium benzoate and Sls acid used in tea beverage anti-corrosion, but also used in wine, so that its color glossy. China is a large country of fruit production in the world, because of the perishable nature of fruit and the influence of seasonal and regional factors, fruit preservation and preservation is very important.
At present, there are more than 20 kinds of anticorrosive preservatives used in fruit storage and transportation in China, such as polymycin, thiazide, methyl sulfide, sulfur dioxide and so on, these preservatives have certain toxicity, and will also affect the taste of fruit. Cinnamaldehyde has the advantages of low toxicity, safety, low cost and aromatic odor, as a safe natural source material, “National Food Safety standard food additive use standard” does not specify the dosage of cinnamon aldehyde as a preservative.
In view of the many advantages of cinnamaldehyde, it is expected to become the most common fruit antiseptic preservative.
Pomegranate Peel extract: Meat natural preservatives Thick and hard to peel pomegranate skin, as traditional Chinese medicine has the effect of relieving diarrhea, hemostasis, deworming, but scientists from India found that pomegranate skin extract on the preservation of meat has an odd effect, can keep the freshness of meat for a week without freezing conditions without affecting taste.
You know, in a refrigerated environment, meat can only be kept fresh for up to two days, and after freezing, the taste and nutritional value of the meat will be greatly reduced. Pomegranate skin contains a variety of alkaloids, bacteriostatic test confirmed that pomegranate alcohol leaching and Peel Decoction has a broad spectrum of antibacterial effect, a variety of bacteria, fungi have a significant inhibitory effect.

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