• 08/3 2019

    Goji Berry

    Price are good , and high quality

  • 06/18 2019

    High Quality Soybean Extract 20% 50% 70%Phosphatidylserine

    Phosphatidylserine powder (PS) is from the phospholipids family, which is the only one that could control the functioning of key membrane proteins.

  • 06/18 2019

    konjac glucomannan from China, Jiaxi Biochemical

    Milky white or light yellow in appearance, with a few black and yellow dots in the middle. Its granularity ranges approximately from 40 to 120 meshes. It has unique konjac…

  • 12/19 2018

    In what ways are plant extracts used

    To say where plant extracts are used, there are too many places that can be used for plant extracts to refer to substances that are extracted or processed from plants…

  • 12/19 2018

    What is the homologous of medicinal medicine

    “Food and medicine homologous” refers to many foods are also drugs, there is no definite dividing line between them, ancient medical home will be the “four Sex”, “Schisandra” theory of…

  • 12/19 2018

    Eat more of these foods and go fast with moisture.

    Performance of moisture Weight: First, the tongue is thick and greasy, if you look in the mirror one day found that their tongue is very thick, and the edge of…

  • 12/19 2018

    Soothing Plant Extract

    Common soothing plant extracts are: JuJube extract, cedar kernels extract, Ganoderma lucidum extract, Valeriana extract, first Shouwuteng extract, Acacia peel extract, Yuanzhi extract

  • 12/19 2018

    Interpretation of plant extracts

    Plant extracts are plants as raw materials, according to the need for the use of the final product extracted, through the physical and chemical extraction and separation process, directional acquisition…

  • 12/19 2018

    Anti-aging health care products of wolfberry and wolfberry extract

    1, anti-lipid peroxidation damage When aging, endogenous oxygen free radicals produce increased or remove the ability to weaken, or even both, oxygen free radicals damage the body, gradually aging. In…

  • 12/19 2018

    Plant extracts are promising in the field of food preservatives

    Under the guidance of the concept of healthy eating, natural preservatives began to gradually replace artificial preservatives, such as the microbial source of Streptococcus lactate, red Quimiso, animal source lysozyme,…

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