What is the homologous of medicinal medicine


“Food and medicine homologous” refers to many foods are also drugs, there is no definite dividing line between them, ancient medical home will be the “four Sex”, “Schisandra” theory of Traditional Chinese medicine applied to food, thinking that each food also has “four sex”, “Schisandra.”

The theory of the homology of food and medicine originates from the “Huangdi Nei Jing” In the Tang Dynasty, which reads: “Fasting food is a medicine, the patient’s food is a drug”, which reflects the thinking of “the same origin of medicines and foods”. “Food and medicine homologous” is to say that traditional Chinese medicines are the origin of this, “Huainan Zi Repair Training” said: “Shennong taste paraquat taste, water spring bitter, so that the people know how to avoid.” At this time, a day to meet 70 poison.

“It can be seen that shennong era medicine and food, non-toxic may be, toxic person to avoid.”

The theory of the homologous of medicine and medicine is endless, and the legend of Shennong in ancient times reflects the exploration of the function of food and drugs by the Chinese ancestors. “Drugs are also food, food is drugs, food side effects are small, and drug side effects are large. is another meaning of the homology of medicine and medicine.

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