The development course of plant extract industry


In the the early 1980s, the developed countries, such as Europe and the US, basically completed industrialization set off the trend of returning to nature. There has been a gradual increase in attention and rejection of chemical synthesis products with side effects, and their preference for natural, safe plant extracts has been restored and highly respected. The industry should appear in accordance with the requirements of the Times.

In the 1994, the United States enacted the Dietary Supplementary Health and Education Act, formally recognizing the acceptance of plant extracts as food supplements and the rapid development of the plant extract industry. TCM has a long history in China. Since ancient times, medical staff have attached great importance to the analysis of plant properties and medicinal properties. By the 70 ‘s, some pharmaceutical factories in China began to use mechanical equipment to extract plant ingredients, but as a production link in pharmaceutical production, it did not develop into an independent industry.

After the middle of the 90, with the deepening of opening to the outside sector, foreign trade began to flourish, and the plant extract industry, which was less restricted by policy, began to develop. Since entering the 21st century, the plant extract industry has entered a golden age of development. On the one hand, the improvement of people’s living standard and the improvement of health awareness stimulate people’s strong demand for plant extract products, on the other hand, it benefits from the application of more advanced plant extraction technology (such as enzyme extraction, ultrasonic extraction, supercritical extraction, micro-extraction, etc.).Wave extraction, membrane separation technology and so on, greatly improve the production efficiency.

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