Extract to health food application field of food machine equipment for its “running”


It is understood that extracts are generally based on plants, through physical and chemical extraction, separation process, directional acquisition and concentration of one or more active components in plants, without changing its effective component structure and the formation of products. At present, the application range of extracts is expanding, can be used as food and beverage, health food, food additives, pharmaceutical raw materials, feed additive drugs and so on.

And in the extraction process, the extraction equipment will play an important role. In recent years, China’s food industry has been rapid development, food processing equipment category is also more and more abundant. Among them, the extraction equipment and extraction technology has also made breakthrough progress, such as spray dryer, enzyme extraction method, ultrasonic extraction technology, biological extraction technology, and so on, different raw material extraction methods, equipment and techniques are also different. According to the author’s understanding, extraction method is a new extraction and separation technology, through the heating and antihypertensive means (or both) to separate the dissolved material in the supercritical fluid, to achieve the purpose of separation and purification, it has both distillation and extraction of two functions.

It is especially suitable for the separation and refining of unstable natural products and physiological active substances. And this extraction technology has been fully used in violet biotech companies. Through biological extraction technology, the company extracts anthocyanins from purple sweet potatoes for the production and processing of solid beverage and liquor products. The author learned that anthocyanins are mainly used in health food, medicine, cosmetics and other fields, the market development potential is huge, especially in the health care products and functional beverage market demand is increasing.

In addition, also by the national policy of the anthocyanins industry support, anthocyanins, lutein, chili red and so on from 0 tax rebates more than 13%, to a certain extent, reflects the state actively encourage the export of extracts. However, the international market is paying more and more attention to the quality and safety of extracts. Whether it is the food processing industry anthocyanins extract or single flavor Chinese medicine preparation, the heavy metal content, pesticide residues, the total number of bacteria and other indicators of the increasingly stringent requirements, is undoubtedly for anthocyanins food, beverage processing enterprises erected an insurmountable barrier. In this regard, the author feels that any raw material extraction is a complex project, more or less to use the relevant extraction technology and processing equipment.

By improving the comprehensive performance of the extraction equipment and strictly controlling and extracting the quality and safety of each link, the quality of the extract can be effectively guaranteed.

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