Eat more of these foods and go fast with moisture.


Performance of moisture Weight:

First, the tongue is thick and greasy, if you look in the mirror one day found that their tongue is very thick, and the edge of the tongue is accompanied by very significant tooth marks, that proves that your body moisture is too heavy, should be timely conditioning over. Second, the appetite is poor, if it is time to eat, there is no feeling of hunger, eat a little things feel bloated in the stomach, in the process of eating there is a sense of nausea.

This phenomenon is also weak spleen and stomach function, one of the manifestations of excessive moisture in the body, and this phenomenon is more likely to appear in summer.

Third, excretion, manifested as urine turbidity, stool stool leakage, women leucorrhea too much, pubic itching and so on.

Four, bad breath, moisture heavy people, generally have bad breath situation, if you have bad breath situation, then should be careful!

Spicy wood seed (plant extract) to remove bad breath

Spicy wood seeds can be useful to kill the root cause of the onset of bad breath pathogenic microorganisms and their seizures of toxins, direct eradication by food accumulation, meat accumulation, water accumulation, gas accumulation and other causes of bad breath, oral odor, mouth ulcers.

Spicy wood seeds have a certain purification effect, can be used in various systems of the human body, especially the digestive system, but also to assist the organ detoxification, purification of the body, fundamentally regulate the balance of the body function, to get rid of the fundamental purpose of bad breath.

Hawthorn (plant extract) Acid, taste slightly gan Ping, there are scattered stasis, clear stomach, remove acid odor effect.

Take Hawthorn 30 pieces, simmer yellow, boil soup, add ice sugar a few, each time 1 small bowl.

White lentils (plant extract) Is the “long-lived bean” known as the white lentils.

White lentils slightly warm, taste gan, its rich nutrition: in addition to carbohydrates, each gram contains 28 grams of protein, calcium 116 mg, as well as a variety of other nutrients.

Red Bean (plant extract) Red beans can replenish blood and can also be dehumidification.

From the point of view of TCM, red bean is flat and sour, and has the effect of strengthening spleen and water, clearing heat and dehumidification, detumescence and detoxification. Boil with red beans to drink, or add black beans and green beans together to boil water, can be very good discharge of the body’s moisture, long-term drinking red bean water, waist is also fine!

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